About The VDO Vault

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“A Virtual Museum & Musings On All Things Related To The Actor (& Director & Producer) Vincent D’Onofrio”

This is where cool authentic stuff related to actor & director Vincent D’Onofrio (VDO) ultimately ends up — in the possession of the blog’s author, a collector of movie, television, theatrical, streaming & music memorabilia plus an entertainment industry outsider who is gaining an ever growing understanding of how things work in show biz thanks to the relentless pursuit of items for The Vault’s collection.

This blog contains the author’s random thoughts on collecting movie & television memorabilia from around the globe, observations about fans & collectors, discussions of projects VDO has worked on, plus commentary on the strange businesses of making & promoting films & television series.

Links to images of tangible items in The Vault’s collection of VDO ephemera are located in the blogroll under the section entitled ‘Aquisitions’. Digital images of The Vault’s collection are hosted at flickr.com while digitized video from The Vault’s collection pertaining to VDO can be found in the Virtual Screening Room at youtube.com.

The actual objects in The Vault’s private collection are located in an obscure but pastoral part of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA. Click on the link below to view a satellite map of the location of the collection.

VDOVault Collection Location

You can contact The Vault here:

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