Great Fan Site (in French) en Français:

Music ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey


I’ve got to hand it to this French fansite…the webmaster Seb really has got it together with the website

There are actually five sister sites that fall under the umbrella of one for the mothership (NYPDJ), one for SVU (NYUS), one for the cancelled Trial By Jury (TBJ), one for CI (NYSC), and one for Paris Enquêtes Criminelles (PEC), the brand new French adaptation of CI.

I have to say I am extremely impressed with the cooperative efforts that go on there. I have been hanging out in their forums the past couple of days and I am impressed to no end that not only do they cover the Law & Order family, other sister shows like Homicide:Life On The Street get discussed. There are even threads in their forums for other US and British TV shows (I saw threads for shows like Third Watch (NY 911) and Prime Suspect. Very cool!

There have been a few crises like a couple of debates over fans using or misusing each other’s scanned images and content (old hat fights here in the States) but generally it’s a very happy crew that hangs out there. If you speak French, I highly recommend you go hang out there. I know it’s helping me improve my French a lot.

Oh and I hope Seb doesn’t mind that I’m going to post a few links to his content for PEC so we Americans can get a feel for what that show is going to be like!

Here’s a taste….I think this might be the opening credits for PEC (watch it with Windows Media Player)
PEC Opening Credits


Nice Fan Site #2 Eliza’s ‘The Velocity Of Vincent’

Also in reading those blog posts, I see that someone named ‘Eliza’ has done a Herculean job making screen caps of a lot of the things VDO appears in…check out the ‘Photo Albums’ section of the following site:

Eliza’s ‘The Velocity Of Vincent’ Fansite

Long may her site stay up…screen caps tend to attract 1) bandwidth wasting fans and 2) the legal departments of various studios and networks. But Eliza’s are very high quality and nice to look at.

Nice Fan Site #1 Lonelywalker’s The Thirteenth Floor Site

I stumbled onto this by following some interesting blog posts:

Lonelywalker’s ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ Fansite

I don’t ever remember seeing a true and thorough fansite devoted only to ‘The Thirteenth Floor’, so it’s cool to finally see one.

I will eventually get around to posting some pics etc of ‘Thirteenth Floor’ stuff I have acquired from other countries.

Oh and if Lonelywalker is interested in my extras (US and non-US), drop me a line in the Comments section here and I’ll hook you up ;-)