Stuff To Read: Outstanding Make-Up Artist Magazine Photos From An Article On Make-Up Artist Rick Baker’s Oscar-Winning Work In ‘Men In Black’

As a teaser to a new phase of things I will be adding to my virtual collection online (the expansions are just getting bigger and better), here are some pictures from an outstanding 1997 article on Rick Baker’s make-up designs for ‘Men In Black’. These designs won Rick yet another Oscar.

Enjoy the samples: the whole set is at:

VDO in Rick Baker’s chair:

VDO’s Hand Make-Up Note the protruding claw-like things coming out of his fingers…I used this picture to help authenticate my hero costume…thanks to Make-Up Artist Magazine & Rick Baker!

Rejected test make-up for Edgar as an ‘Alien Nation’ newcomer patterned-skin type alien (think VDO as Mandy Patinkin from the film or Eric Pierpoint from the TV series here)

Computer generated test-makeup for Edgar…doesn’t VDO look amazingly like Lon Chaney in ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’…holy crap but the resemblance is uncanny!

Stuff To Hear: ‘The Velocity Of Gary’ Soundtrack Cuts

As I know how popular with some of the fans this movie is, I figured I’d get the soundtrack uploaded quickly. There are snippets of this score available at Peitor Angell’s presumably abandoned website Peitorvision

but that doesn’t do a lot for a fan. Bongos of Domani, the record label on which the complete CD soundtrack for ‘The Velocity Of Gary’ was released is long out of business

So here’s the obligatory album cover picture:

There are 27(!!) tracks on this CD. While I’m not going to post them all here, I will post a few interesting ones:

Valentino’s Delusion


The Kiss

You can stream the whole CD soundtrack at:

Stuff To Hear: Announcing The Launch of The VDO Vault Virtual Radio Station

A new day, a new month and a new museum wing!

Well now that finally allows us to share audio files with its readers, I have been digging out what I have on CD and converting it over to mp3 files. Finding a host for the files was a bit of a challenge but it turns out that the folks at will let you stream audio files pretty easily and they give you a pretty generous amount of storage (10 GB) and a modest amount of monthly bandwidth (10 GB / month).

But there’s going to be so much more to listen to than just what I post here. At musicwebtown (I think) I have things set up so you can download tracks to your mp3 player (IPod or computer or what have you). If things work over there the way I expect them to, I think everyone will be very pleased with just how much more will be available for them to experience.

Check out my account at
The Virtual Radio Station Is Now Broadcasting/Podcasting

So open up your ears because there will be a lot more music and dialogue to hear for yourself. Enjoy!

In Memoriam For My Mother

Mom’s Tombstone
Dear Mom,

Exactly one year ago today, you were killed in an unimaginable unforeseeable accident. I was there with you when your own car hit you, I was there as the rescue teams struggled to save you while you lost consciousness and bled out, and I was nearby when you finally died.

A year later I still hurt. Emotionally I bleed inside alternately struggling to blot from my conscience how your life ended and to be aware of and comprehend every detail of your death. Cruelly and yet mercifully, neither extreme is attainable, nor is the underlying struggle to have my life back the way it was before the accident: with you still alive and me ignorant of the trauma that would take you from me and the world of the living.

As the picture above shows, Dad made sure you were buried at Arlington as the two of you had always planned. He struggles with the fact that you’re dead, that you died before him, even though you fought your way back from breast cancer and were 16 months away from being declared completely recovered. ( By the way, he’s still healthy in the physical sense even if emotionally he’s an enigma, a stoic, a brave soldier.)

I struggle with the way in which you died, the senselessness and randomness of it, the way in which the rescue teams, the firefighters, the police, the bystanders and the rest of the world could just move on as if nothing bad had happened or you had never existed, made an impact, made a difference. But you did. You weren’t perfect — none of us is. But you were pretty close. It’s just too bad most of the world will never know, love and appreciate you the way Dad and I did, still do.

I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything thing to save you or better yet to prevent the whole catastrophe from taking place. I’m also sorry to say that Dad and I still don’t get along very well; the accident didn’t make the preexisting troubles between us any easier. But still each day we go on with the business of living and trying to figure out how to relate to one another. There simply isn’t another option. I didn’t die with you then, and I can’t die for you now. As grief-stricken, shocked, hurt and angry as I am, I am compelled to keep living, a moment at a time.

Your priest and everyone you went to church with all tell me you had done whatever it is Catholics do to put yourself on the fast track to admission into Heaven. Since you raised me to be an agnostic and since I’ve spent my life studying and believing in secular things like science and humanism, I can’t prove or disprove their belief that you got there quickly, like a VIP being ushered past the velvet ropes into an inner sanctum of goodness and peace. Still I’d like to think that they’re right, that you got what you had prepared yourself for and wanted. I can smile a little at the idea of you getting what you worked and wished for but that doesn’t completely comfort me. Maybe nothing ever will.

Maybe with enough time, things will get better for me and for everyone else who was hurt by your death. But I know that things can never be quite as good as they were while you were still here. I guess it’s just going to take the rest of whatever time I have left to kill on this planet to get close to that level of satisfaction with life. On that point I’m cautiously optimistic, that things can improve as time passes, even if it’s at a glacial pace.

And so I must close. Know that you are still loved, still thought of fondly, still spoken of even though sometimes there is pain in the recollection.

Your daughter

Song: Love Riot ‘Killing Time’

Stuff To Hear: VDO as Abbie Hoffman in ‘Steal This Movie’

The day before a pretty big day for me (it has more than twice the significance it should for a VDO fan, but I’ll save that thought for another post), I figured I’d post some pretty rare and pretty angry, funny, passionate & thoughtful stuff, a muse for your ears and mind.

The source of this food for thought is a rare promotional CD from 2000 for ‘Steal This Movie’ called ‘Steal This CD’

I think Robert Greenwald, ‘Steal This Movie”s producer and the one-time neighbor of Anita Hoffman (Abbie Hoffman’s wife who is played by Janeane Garofalo in the film) is responsible for releasing this promotional CD filled with the actual songs from the 1960s that seem to have either inspired covers that are on the commercially available ‘Steal This Movie’ compilation or in the case of Ani Difranco, it has her 2 covers of ‘This Land Is Your Land’ and ‘When I’m Gone’.

The kicker? Some of the cuts from the CD include dialogue from ‘Steal This Movie’, making this a very interesting and unusual disc.

Anyway get ready to listen to some irreverance (lightly salted with a bit of profanity, so listner beware) courtesy of VDO

First up is Anita (Janeane Garofalo) commenting on what Abbie (VDO) did as being ‘guerrilla theater’ which leads into some seriously irreverent hijinks and the disruption of the stock exchange.
Song: ‘Woolly Bully’ Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs (serious San Antonio garage/frat rock)

Then we have Abbie (VDO) discussing who showed up to help (mentally) levitate the Pentagon as a protest against the Vietnam War.
Song: ‘I Ain’t Marching Anymore’ Phil Ochs (folky anti-war protest song)

Finally Abbie Hoffman reviews the 60s with the young people of the 80s (which would be my generation).

To quote Abbie:
“We were reckless, we were silly, arrogant and headstrong. But we were right”.

I’d like to wish VDO a happy 47th birthday one day early…thanks for showing us all how to be reckless, silly, arrogant, headstrong…and absolutely dead-on right.

Stuff To Hear: From Tim Burton’s ‘Ed Wood’: Ed Wood Meets Orson Welles

Continuing on the theme of the last post, I thought I’d upload this file from a promotional only German audio press kit for ‘Ed Wood’ from 1994

Here’s Edward D Wood Jr. (Johnny Depp) meeting his hero Orson Welles (VDO) for the first time…in German no less :)

I think the voice actors they chose for both Depp and VDO are pretty darned good…of course in the US version of ‘Ed Wood’ Orson is actually voiced by Maurice LaMarche who interestingly enough is the voice of Brain in the animated series ‘Animaniacs’ and ‘Pinky & The Brain’

Stuff To Hear: Audio Interview Files with VDO on’The Cell’

Now that allows users to support audio files via the mp3 format, I thought I’d start to upload some rather rare and tough to find audio files that involve VDO.

This new capability to include audio information should allow me to make The Vault just that much better a site for a truly rich multimedia-enhanced learning experience on VDO. Thanks to my most munificent hosts at (you guys rule!)!

These are taken from a promotional only German audio press kit for ‘The Cell’ from 2000.

VDO on what convinced him to take the role of serial killer Carl Rudolph Stargher:

VDO on his research sources for background information to play a serial killer:

For those who speak German, here is a brief synopsis of the plot of and some production information about ‘The Cell’

And now for a scene from the film which are dubbed into German…I think this will be interesting for VDO’s fans to hear.

After entering into Carl Stargher’s mind, Catherine Deane (Jennifer Lopez) asks Carl where Julia Hickson is — unfortunately things go unexpectly wrong and Catherine’s team and FBI agent Peter Novak (Vince Vaughn) have to quickly come up with a way to rescue Catherine: