Progress Report: The Multi-Lingual VDO Filmography Pages: 27 Languages And Counting

Well I’m taking a brief break from my countless hours of scouring the web for titles for the film & TV projects of Vincent D’Onofrio and I must say that I have information on at least one title of a VDO work in *twenty-seven* languages other than English! And to think a month or so ago I was struggling with tackling seven or eight non-US languages (most of which are at or near 100% completion now). My list is far more inclusive than anything I’ve seen at any of the filmography sites online including or some of the foreign language site equivalents

Anyhow if you have a need for a filmography from a particular country, you can drop me a line in the Comments section of this post (I won’t publish your request Comment, but that’s a handy way for you to reach me and for me to know which languages are most urgently needed).

More major restructuring of the ‘virtual museum’ …

Well I’ve got a Portugese VDO filmography page up…it covers release titles from Portugal and Brazil. It’s still a password-protected draft page, but things are coming along nicely.

I plan on tackling Finnish and Norwegian VDO filmographies next.

Greek, Russian, Thai & Chinese should be interesting — more character-based alphabets to fool around with.

Major Restructuring Going On at The Vault

If you’ve visited the sight lately, you will notice that there is a lot more ‘stuff’ or ‘visual clutter’ towards the top of this site. There are a bunch of links (in the form of grey buttons) that seem to be in a variety of different languages.

I am in the process of creating translated filmographies of the works VDO has appeared in thanks to some intensive online searching, some study of items already in the collection of the VDO Vault, and some logical deduction guided by online translation sites and some of my international (and multi-lingual) sources of ephemera.

I have tackled German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Swedish translations. So far so good, but I have password-protected these pages as they are not ready for general public viewing.

This is a *very* tedious and time-consuming process — for example on the Spanish language filmography page, I am aware of three different Spanish titles for ‘Full Metal Jacket’: one for Spain, one for Mexico and one for Argentina. And the Portugese page on which I am currently working but have yet to upload has similar issues for Brazillian Portugese and Portugese spoken in Portugal

I will have to decide eventually how to handle this – either by making an individual VDO filmography page for *every* country which has a project title variant (and that could mean dozens of buttons on the page) or to limit the number of non-English language filmography pages but some how denote the difference between the various countries’s titles.

Now if you compound this problem with languages that don’t use characters similar to those used in English (and here I mean Japanese Kanji, Thai, Korean, Greek, Russian, and Hebrew to name but a few languages), well, things get even more complex very quickly.

Adding a final layer of complexity to this situation is the fact that in many non-US countries, what we Americans think of as ‘films’ never got a theatrical run in many other countries. So I have to deal with whether a title used for a given work describes a theatrical or television broadcast or home video release and how to handle this in the filmography pages as well.

Confused yet? Well it’s nice to know I’m not alone…

So this is why you can’t look at everything I’ve done so far, at least not yet. I’m trying to spare the world a lot of confusion here rather than put these pages up chock full of errors and goofs that will only confuse US and non-US fans alike.

If you are a speaker of any of the above mentioned languages, your contributions and assistance are welcome. You can Skype me (still chat only) if you want to help.

Back to work translating for me.

The Vault & Real Life: Status Report

This will be a quick entry whith not a lot of VDO-related content so hang in there or read something else.

Yes the Vault’s author is alive and well and still collecting. I am doing okay but have had other offline priorities to see to hence the lack of postings here.

The biggest one of which has been following Mother Nature’s schedule and getting a vegetable garden in out here in the Shenandoah Valley (which historians refer to as ‘the breadbasket of the Confederacy). This garden is something of a legacy, recently inherited by me and as passionate as I am about my collecting, I am also driven to make this garden successful this season (in a future post I will go into why a silly little patch of ground and the plants that have been placed in it *really matter* to me).

The gardening has been good for me in a lot of ways. On a totally superficial level, it has allowed me to lose some of the weight a lot of us overfed and pampered Americans are carrying around (close to 30 pounds and yes I could stand to lose some more for appearance’s sake as well as for health’s sake) – I get both excellent exercise and better food for my efforts.

I also have learned a lot attempting to do things differently this year. I ditched conventional row plantings for a combination of raised beds that are laid out according to Mel Bartholomew’s square foot method. Once the ground was tilled by a neighboring farmer, I built everyone of my beds myself by hand. I spent hours paying attention to its layout, being careful to practice succession planting (ie not planting the same things in the same place to avoid disease and pest problems), companion planting (planting things that get along together near each other), interplanting (planting fast growing things with slow growing things) and I’m even getting ready to start a second batch of seedlings for plants that are capable of producing spring and fall crops. Honestly I think the invasion of Europe on D-Day didn’t require as much deep thought as went into this venture into gardening.

Once the plans were made, the work of seed selection, plant selection, and planting came along. I have always grown some odd things, but this year exotica rules — celery, tomatillos, 3 different kinds of broccoli, plus a plant called ‘broccoli raab’ or ‘rapini’ or ‘turnip broccoli’, shallots, green onions, two different kinds of edible pod peas and even edamame (Japanese edible green soybeans) are but a few additions to the usual varieties of heirloom and hybrid tomatos, pimentos, Italian frying peppers, Thai and Hispanic hot peppers, red and gold potatos, bicolor corn, and Romano pole green beans as well as Blue Lake bush beans not to mention legacy crops of asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, a boysenberry bush and 3 dwarf blueberry bushes that this year have seen fit to produce their first fruit. There is much much more than this out in that piece of ground (and much much more will be planted over the season).

Finally once you put all this stuff in place, there is watering and weeding and organic pest control and feeding to be done to give the plants a good healthy head start so I’m sure you can imagine just how busy I’ve been with that. I do a lot of careful hand watering (it helps starve the weeds), I either pull weeds by hand or hack them out with a scuffle hoe (a stirrup shaped hoe so named because you vigorously scrub the weed infested ground to rub out the weeds rather than hacking at the ground with a conventional bladed hoe and despite my description it really is less work to use a scuffle hoe, especially in ground that is full of rocks of all sizes). I pay careful attention to pest treatments that are toxic only to the pests in question (milky spore dust for Japanese beetles, rotenone for Colorado potato beetles and flea beetles, a mix of ordinary cayenne pepper and flour for a lot of other nuisances) while adding folky supplements from days gone by as recommended by Jerry Baker (and yes they really work).

So you get a feel for what I’ve been doing with a lot of my time. But that’s not all I’ve been up to…not hardly.

By getting down in the basement to straighten it up, I have been physically organizing my collection of VDO-related things, separating duplicates and lesser examples from what I want to focus on posting online and what I want to focus on acquiring next. I am in the process of creating computerized inventories of all the various classes of items I have collected and will be better able to add more photos and examples in an organized fashion to the various online sites I maintain. It is far easier to do this once I have gotten myself and the stuff I have on hand organized and I’m 95%+ of the way there finally.

I have also been reading and investigating some areas that interest me and I think may interest VDO fans generally (like who owns the rights to ‘Guy’ anyway and why the heck isn’t it on DVD already?). I have made a few more contacts with people ‘in the business’ and been learning from them directly rather than relying on so many secondary sources like the magazine articles most fans read — their dearth of information is no longer frustrating my efforts to put VDO’s career into a really long term broad perspective.

So I’m still here…not scared off by the likes of ‘fangurls’ or deathly ill or anything worthy of huge gossip. I’m just attending to a very full life of which my collecting is but one part. The collecting is a big part of it but it’s not the only thing I have to keep me going.

So enough said on that point. I’ll post whenever I have something to say, whenever I feel I’ve accomplished or learned something, or whenever I have something I want to show off or share (and you can decide for yourselves what you think of what I put online).

Remember: “my blog, my rules” ;-) I encourage you to go elsewhere if you don’t care for it, to look to other sites if you need a constant stream of news, especially if you’re into keeping up with the latest (The Reel Vincent D’Onofrio is a good choice for this, because I like to be non-linear and historical and a little iconoclastic in my thinking and don’t feel pressured to constantly stay current — I catch up with what he does in fits and starts).

On to other things… :)

Update: Progress Is Being Made Here…Really!

Well I gotta tell you that today I feel kinda like this guy here:

VDO One Tired Actor

How would you like to find him passed out on your doorstep?!


Seriously I’m *bushed* and it’s only Wednesday. But I’m making progress in getting things organized down in The Vault’s main storage area (a.k.a. the basement). Once that’s done, it should make photographing and posting a more organized affair. So I guess that’s a good thing :)

I really need to find a Japanese VDO fan (or someone who can at least read Kanji). I have Kanji titles for maybe 30 of the 55 or so works VDO has appeared in so I’m making big headway on getting together a Japanese filmography. Oh and did I ever find pics of VDO’s movies on home video in Japan — major coolness here! ‘Month on Grass’ (a.k.a ‘The Whole Wide World’) has a very pretty DVD cover in Japan.

I also have a German filmography 99.9% done – I’m missing just one lousy title for ‘The Investigator’ there. For all I know the Germans have kept the US title. Meanwhile my French filmography is stalled at somewhere around 75%-80% finished. And my Italian Spanish & Swedish filmographies are at less than 50% each. I am going to have to do some more web searching and talk to more people overseas.

Today’s big project is to finish the English Filmography page (the link is above) with pretty pics of US DVDs. I got the character names in last night and I do have a few to check up on for accuracy purposes.

Well enough slacking, the DVDs aren’t going to photograph themselves.

Banner Possibilities for The VDO Vault Blog

Take a look at the following 2 banners designed for me by the CheeseFiend from Greece (who does *very* nice work)

Possibility 1


VDO Vault Banner


Possibility 2


VDO Vault Banner 2


I think I prefer #2…now I have to con the powers that be at into letting me use them!!!

To see more of the CheeseFiend’s work at her blog Unclean Libertine click below

Updates: New Stuff Being Added

I promise I’m not ignoring my blog here, I just have a ton of housekeeping at other sites to do to make all of The Vault projects make more sense

First of all, I have finally gotten all of The Vault’s CD Soundtracks photographed, scanned & uploaded (in chronological order) to They are visible at:

Second I am struggling a bit with uploading videos for ‘Strange Days’ to (it is the weekend after all so everyone and his or her dog is online there watching or uploading video). Keep visiting the Virtual Screening Room at

Wait til you hear what VDO dubbed into German sounds like! What a gas!

Third I am editing old posts here at the blog to add eyecandy to them – the hard to get movies series is almost done and hopefully the pictures from that series are helping VDO fans find their flicks! There will be more to come in this series, I promise (probably next up will be ‘Naked Tango’, followed by ‘Household Saints’)

Fourth I am scanning in still more images from all kinds of stuff you won’t believe (this alone is going to keep The Vault busy for months). For example, just this morning, I got a package from Japan and I’m floored by what I ordered sight unseen – the stuff that came is so unbelievably cool and I can hardly wait to share my finds! I wish I could read Kanji and speak Japanese (I really want to do a filmography for VDO in Japanese here)

Fifth I have added an English language filmography page to which I plan on adding images of the relevant US DVDs VDO fans should be looking for. I will cover everything else that is not on a Region 1 DVD someplace, I promise. And you for sure can expect to see German and French filmography pages very soon.

Sixth you might have noticed that the links lists in my blogroll keep getting longer & longer – I hope you find many of them to be handy. I especially like pointing people to the official sites of entertainment professionals. When I find something, it gets added. And now that I can make as many sets for photos as I want to, links to whole segements of The Vault’s collection can get added.

Finally there are organizational things I am currently doing with my physical collection that I work on when I am not online (it’s a bit more disorganized than I would like and I need to address that with some sorting and filing). Oh and I also take time out to watch and read stuff and talk to friends plus I do boring stuff like sleep and eat.

Anyhow, it’s time for me to get back to work!