A Moment Of Zen: Go Look At Matthew Modine’s Demo Reel

One of the more tedious tasks in keeping up an online site is checking for broken links. I have been checking the links in my blogroll to make sure they work correctly and was stopped dead in my clicking by what the actor Matthew Modine has done with his web site.

You simply *must* go to Matthew’s site and have a look at his demo reel.

Matthew Modine

After the nifty flash series of color photos of Matthew and the letters spelling out his name finish uploading, click on the link marked REEL to watch his demo reel.

For those who do not know what a demo reel is, it is a tape (or more likely these days a DVD) showing examples of an actor’s (or a director’s or a special effects house’s or some other creative person or organization’s) professional work. It is the film/video version of a head shot and is meant to give a prospective employer an idea of the range of a creative person’s talents and previous accomplishments. For the most part you don’t see too many reels online but in the future I expect that to change as the entertainment business becomes more computer-savvy.

For those of you who make your fan videos and put them online, I think you will find some inspiration in watching what a professional editor can do in making a reel. I thought the Rolling Stones’s ‘Paint It Black’ was an interesting choice of soundtrack for Matthew’s body of work.

I am sure that VDO has a reel out there somewhere but since he doesn’t have an official website, you certainly won’t find it online. But I would love to see what his various reel(s) look like…like head shots, reels are updated over the course of a career.

Oh and guess who makes an appearance in Matthew’s reel?


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