Fan Follies: The Debate/Smackdown At The ReelBlog


Reading the comments in the latest posts at TheReel seems to require a thick skin *plus* some extra protective padding…doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, a CI cast member or Dick Wolf (or a network executive/pinhead).

From the innocuous sounding post entitled Contest:Find The Emmy

comes this pithy comment that has me laughing louder than what people are saying about a certain nameless celebutard and jailbird (although the people who have called her one of the ‘Three Bimbos Of The Apocalypse’ have both my bemusement and my utmost respect for their cleverness)

“Right now, I’d like to soundly beat Dick Wolf and the NBC money-men over the head with an Emmy…” -Diane

Oh and if the comments to a post entitled No-raise offer irks “Criminal Intent” stars doesn’t leave you feeling a little emotionally jostled, you’re either a robot or you really *don’t* care about LO:CI.

I’d say the fan sentiment over what will happen to CI, its cast, its crew, and its creative direction is far from unified and *very* touchy right about now.

Tread cautiously everyone.

Music ‘Cruel To Be Kind’ by Nick Lowe

Bonus cut ‘Go Insane’ by Lindsey Buckingham

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