Fan Folly FeeBay Auction of 2007: ‘Salt On Our Skin’ German Press Kit Worth $510.01?!?!


Well some fangurl with a far greater limit on her credit card than amount of common sense just ‘won’ a German press kit on ebaY for $510.01 (that’s *before* shipping)!

I don’t follow feebay auctions all that religiously, but that’s got to be some kind of record. It surely breaks the $400+ ‘Guy’ press kit record I blogged about several months ago.

In my case, I got my first German ‘Salt On Our Skin’ press kit back in 2001 for what I though (then) was a hefty $25.00 including shipping. Of course mine came with the booklet (which I have yet to upload an image of because it won’t fit on my scanner, it’s the size of a vinyl record album or a laserdisc) 2 more black and white 5×7″ photos than what the high bidder will receive (6 vs. 4) plus 13 different slides (the winner is not getting any slides but at that stupidly high price, she should be getting everything I got hand-delivered to her by VDO himself).

My second copy of the same kit only has one photo and 2 slides and thus cost me $10.00. However that one has already been passed on to another owner who wisely wishes to remain anonymous.

Looks like VDO has become more popular and profitable than I would have predicted…boy if I had the email address of the winner I could *seriously* cash in (I do have other extra press materials etc acquired at less spectacular prices from many different countries that I put away for many reasons, just one of them being an educated guess that VDO’s popularity would soar thanks to LO:CI)

But I’ve at least scanned the photos so that if you’re not the auction ‘winner’ you don’t have to spend muy mucho $$$ to see them for yourself…they’re in my 100th flickr photo set at:

One of the nicer ones this winner isn’t getting is:

Appropriate music ‘Deeper And Deeper’ by Madonna (as in the winner is putting herself ‘deeper and deeper’ in debt to a soul-stealing corporation)

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