Stuff To Hear: The *Original* Soundtrack To’The Winner’

Well in today’s mail I received what I presumed might be a mythical object. Luckily this object is actually 100% real and I now have a copy in my hands (which will be joining others of its kind very soon).

Behold the CD soundtrack to ‘The Winner’ as Director Alex Cox intended it to be:

The story behind my “relentless” search for this CD is that many months ago I learned from Alex Cox, the director of ‘The Winner’ via an answer to an email of mine, that the way ‘The Winner’ was released in most every region is a butchered up, badly edited and incorrectly scored film. In fact if you look at Alex Cox’s website entry for ‘The Winner’:

you will see that Alex Cox doesn’t really count it as a film he directed because of just how bad a job the film’s producers did in reediting ‘The Winner’ and changing it’s score behind Cox’s back.

Luckily the Japanese had the good sense to let Cox try to reedit the film and put back Dan Wool, Pray For Rain and Zander Schloss’s soundtrack and gave the film a special theatrical run as the Japanese flyer (chirashi) here shows:

Anyway after much searching and following a cryptic clue on Pray For Rain’s website (where unfortunately Dan Wool and Pray For Rain do not have any mp3 files from ‘The Winner’ available for listening), I finally located what I presumed was something that didn’t exist, a commercially available release of the correct music for ‘The Winner’

The full soundtrack (Toho/Coeur Records CR-0011 if you feel inclined to order a copy for yourself from Japan) is available for your listening enjoyment is here

But you know me, I can’t help posting highlights in my blog entries

Lights Of Las Vegas

Relentless (Main Title)

Phillip Meets Joey

$10,000 De Recompensa

Finally this makes some sense of something that’s always intrigued me about the trailer for ‘The Winner’ (a version of which you can see over at

This CD explains why the trailer actually has good music (Cox’s intended humorous good music was used) and the film’s music is just awful (the producers put in a cheap crappy substitute soundtrack).

Oh and if I were Cox I’d disassociate myself from what was released everywhere but in Japan…the soundtrack to ‘The Winner’ as the rest of the world has experienced it is only outdone in awfulness by the soundtrack for ‘It Don’t Pay To Be An Honest Citizen’. Frankly a lot of ‘It Don’t Pay’s’ problem is that the sound mix is bad; the soundtrack drowns out a lot of important dialogue which I presume is a problem of the film having such an extremely low budget that the director couldn’t afford to fix the sound problems in post-production. With ‘The Winner’ the problem is apparently artistically challenged interfering producers with zero sense of irony or humor.