Oh Happy Day! Film Butchers Rye By Post Are In Receivership

Well I just got this bit of *excellent* news from one of the many collector/preservationist discussion boards I hang out at.

Apparently some aspects of the made-up movie and TV memorabilia business are not as profitable as they are cracked up to be…the UK’s Rye By Post which takes *reprint* photos and *butchered* bits of film which they call ‘filmcells’, a couple of metal plaques and some glassed in picture frames and matting and make the whole lot up into ‘movie memorabilia’ to sell at grossly inflated prices is *bankrupt* and has been taken over by receivers as of today!

Hallelujah! Amen…overpriced home-made collectibles aren’t worth what Rye By Post thought they were and the market has voted with its complete and utter apathy! I *love* it!

The spin Rye By Post puts on this in an ebaY ‘guide’ (and these guides are supposed to help collectors not serve as press releases or crappy advertising so no way am I reproducing their link for you, they don’t deserve the free recommendation) is absolutely priceless (the typos and misspellings are all theirs):

“Ryebypost is in administration !

Ryeby post makers of filmcells also known as film cells cels cells or film media are now out of business, this is a huge shock to the memorabillia world. Ryebypost ceased trading on the 07 05 07 when the admistrators were called in to sort the companies finance. Ryebypost held licences to produce film cells like spiderman 3 the wizard of oz and Scarface, many of the orders placed by distributors have not been fulfilled.

We have many items still in stock but these are now HIGHLY COLLECTABLE as they will NEVER BE REMADE.

There are literally thousands of website advertisements for items that will simply not be delivered, many companies now have to go through databases to remove the much saught after stock.”

This is great news for those of us who collect originals…I will be glad to see them stop reprinting photos and butchering up classic movies (‘Full Metal Jacket’, ‘Ed Wood’, ‘Men In Black’ and ‘The Cell’ are the only VDO movies of which I am aware have received this treatment, but it wouldn’t surprise me to hear of others being cut up in the name of commerce). It makes me want to strangle the idiots who think nothing of cutting up perfectly good prints of my favorite films like ‘Chariots Of Fire’ or ‘Blade Runner’ or even silent films like Lon Chaney’s ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ just to make a buck. People who prostitute my and millions of other people’s happy moviegoing memories in this fashion deserve a lot worse than to lose all their money.

Oh and I’ll bet that a lot of their music and sports memorabilia is bogus too…won’t it be fun when this crapfest of faux collectibles hits FeeBay at low low prices?


(Music: ‘I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You’ The Alan Parsons Project)