The Negotiations Renewal Saga: The Overnight Ratings For CI Part 1

Well the overnight ratings for last night’s CI episode “Rocketman’ with VDO are in and frankly they’re an embarassment to NBC and Dick Wolf.

NBC came in fourth, dead last, behind Fox, ABC and the CW. Ouch!

According to Variety ‘Idol,’ ‘House’ roll again

CI pulled a 2.2/5 in 18-49, 7.3 million viewers overall.

At least SVU pulled a 4.0/11 in 18-49, 11.3 million viewers overall

Still those numbers are pathetic and while they will be finalized in a few days, usually ratings go down not up with revision.

So if you all want CI back, I guess it’s up to Noth’s fans and VDO’s fans to watch CI on May 8th…they had better pull better numbers than what VDO’s fans did last night.

Oh and yes I watched last night and as I predicted the ‘Rocketman’ episode did not outdo my low expectations.

PEC here I come….less than 48 hours to its debut.

Appropriate music ‘Murder By Numbers’ by The Police

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