Stuff To Watch: Which LO:CI Episodes Have Been Adapted For Paris Enquêtes Criminelles (PEC)?

Well thanks to Seb over at I have figured out which of the LO:CI episodes, the first 6 episodes of PEC will be adapting

Paris Enquêtes Criminelles adapted from LO:CI

#1 PEC Fantôme (Phantom) = LO:CI ‘Phantom’ (Marlane Gomard Meyer & René Balcer)
#2 PEC Requiem pour un assassin (Requiem For An Assassin)= LO:CI ‘The Faithful’ (Stephanie Sengupta)
#3 PEC Le serment (The Oath)= LO:CI ‘One’ (René Balcer)
#4 PEC Addiction (Addiction) = LO:CI ‘Smothered’ (Marlane Gomard Meyer)
#5 PEC L’Homme au scalpel (The Man Of The Scalpel) = LO:CI ‘The Good Doctor’ (Geoffrey Neigher)
#6 PEC L’Ange de la mort (The Angel Of Death)= LO:CI ‘Poison’ (Stephanie Sengupta)

There are also some casting updates to make here
Commander Vincent Revel (Vincent Perez)
Lieutenant Claire Savigny (Sandrine Rigaux)
Police Chief Bonnefoy (Jacques Pater)
Judge Lherbier (Hélène Godec)
Judge Fontana (Laure Killing)

Note that the ADA/prosecutor role is replaced by a Judge in PEC. Apparently there will be two judges who will be at the minimum recurring characters on PEC, both of whom are female! In some episodes you can expect to see both Judges Lherbier and Fontana while in others it is not clear whether both judges will have parts (things are still a bit slow to get out via the French media).

There will be 2 more episodes of PEC for its first season…I will update later when TF1 puts out more information on them.

Great Fan Site (in French) en Français:

Music ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey


I’ve got to hand it to this French fansite…the webmaster Seb really has got it together with the website

There are actually five sister sites that fall under the umbrella of one for the mothership (NYPDJ), one for SVU (NYUS), one for the cancelled Trial By Jury (TBJ), one for CI (NYSC), and one for Paris Enquêtes Criminelles (PEC), the brand new French adaptation of CI.

I have to say I am extremely impressed with the cooperative efforts that go on there. I have been hanging out in their forums the past couple of days and I am impressed to no end that not only do they cover the Law & Order family, other sister shows like Homicide:Life On The Street get discussed. There are even threads in their forums for other US and British TV shows (I saw threads for shows like Third Watch (NY 911) and Prime Suspect. Very cool!

There have been a few crises like a couple of debates over fans using or misusing each other’s scanned images and content (old hat fights here in the States) but generally it’s a very happy crew that hangs out there. If you speak French, I highly recommend you go hang out there. I know it’s helping me improve my French a lot.

Oh and I hope Seb doesn’t mind that I’m going to post a few links to his content for PEC so we Americans can get a feel for what that show is going to be like!

Here’s a taste….I think this might be the opening credits for PEC (watch it with Windows Media Player)
PEC Opening Credits