Stuff To Read: The USA Today ‘Save Our Shows’ Poll Results Are In


This result doesn’t help the cause of CI fans who want the show renewed.

“USA TODAY’s Save Our Shows poll reveals strong support among viewers: 57% want to keep L&O, the highest among 22 series in jeopardy, and 48% want CI back”.

“Strong support”!?! Are we looking at the same statistics here?

Wow! The CI fandom couldn’t even get above a 50% positive response to renew the show. In fact it looks like the only show to get a simple majority of people to ask for its renewal is the mothership and that was only 57%.

Things sure are different from back in the day where people worked like crazy to save shows like the original ‘Star Trek’, or ‘The Equalizer’. They had letter writing campaigns, fan conventions, got the press to take notice, etc.

Maybe TV itself has jumped the shark?