Stuff To Read: Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman On ‘Zombie [Mainstream] Media’ and VDO

While I’m not a big fan of VDO’s one Troma flick, I do think it’s funny as all get out that the media are scrambling to talk to Lloyd Kaufman about ‘Grindhouse’ and low-budget filmmaking. Lloyd exaggerates a little when he says he discovered VDO (he gave VDO his first (low) paying gig in a film, but frankly it was Stanley Kubrick that launched VDO in a big way). But Kevin Costner was the star of Troma epic ‘Sizzle Beach’ U.S.A.’ and Samuel L. Jackson was in ‘Def By Temptation’ (and Chris Noth was in ‘Waitress!’). So Lloyd’s not totally wrong when he says he employed these guys.


Question “Has Troma gotten more mainstream attention since the promotion of Grindhouse?”
Lloyd Kaufman “I’ve had major media calling me up all week, and you’ll see that this stuff is coming out in The New York Times and on television. The major media had no interest in Lloyd Kaufman when Troma had its 30th anniversary, a milestone in the history of cinema. The Times and the NY media have totally ignored the fact that we own a building in NY, that we’ve got a payroll in NY of people who’d be on welfare, for sure, if they weren’t working for Troma. They’ve ignored that we discovered Samuel Jackson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Kevin Costner, Toxic Avenger. The only thing the media might cover is if I blew my brains out in the middle of 9th Avenue. Now, as an excuse to do a piece on Grindhouse, the media comes to contact me, and therefore I will now be part of the Kool-Aid that brings the zombies into the theater. And, in this case, I want to make it clear that, in this particular case, because of Tarantino and the other guy, I’m happy to do it. And I’m certain that it’s going to be good. And the other good thing is thanks to Grindhouse, Troma and Poultrygeist are getting some attention! But what a pity that that’s the only way that we can get attention!”

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Thanks to Lloyd for going after the “giant, devil-worshipping international conglomerates” that own most of our entertainment outlets. And for the record I don’t like Tarantino (his movies either put me to sleep or motivate me to do mindless stuff I don’t enjoy doing like laundry and housekeeping) and have only seen Rodriguez’s ‘El Mariachi’. But I do love George Romero (another Carnegie Mellon alumni) and hadn’t thought about Romero’s ‘social relevance’ beyond going to Monroeville Mall while I was a college kid and wondering what the zombies would have thought of it in the 1980s and giggling a bit at brain-dead consumer culture (I didn’t buy a single thing ever from the ‘Mall Of The Dead’