Stuff To Read: Outstanding Make-Up Artist Magazine Photos From An Article On Make-Up Artist Rick Baker’s Oscar-Winning Work In ‘Men In Black’

As a teaser to a new phase of things I will be adding to my virtual collection online (the expansions are just getting bigger and better), here are some pictures from an outstanding 1997 article on Rick Baker’s make-up designs for ‘Men In Black’. These designs won Rick yet another Oscar.

Enjoy the samples: the whole set is at:

VDO in Rick Baker’s chair:

VDO’s Hand Make-Up Note the protruding claw-like things coming out of his fingers…I used this picture to help authenticate my hero costume…thanks to Make-Up Artist Magazine & Rick Baker!

Rejected test make-up for Edgar as an ‘Alien Nation’ newcomer patterned-skin type alien (think VDO as Mandy Patinkin from the film or Eric Pierpoint from the TV series here)

Computer generated test-makeup for Edgar…doesn’t VDO look amazingly like Lon Chaney in ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’…holy crap but the resemblance is uncanny!