Stuff To Hear: Announcing The Launch of The VDO Vault Virtual Radio Station

A new day, a new month and a new museum wing!

Well now that finally allows us to share audio files with its readers, I have been digging out what I have on CD and converting it over to mp3 files. Finding a host for the files was a bit of a challenge but it turns out that the folks at will let you stream audio files pretty easily and they give you a pretty generous amount of storage (10 GB) and a modest amount of monthly bandwidth (10 GB / month).

But there’s going to be so much more to listen to than just what I post here. At musicwebtown (I think) I have things set up so you can download tracks to your mp3 player (IPod or computer or what have you). If things work over there the way I expect them to, I think everyone will be very pleased with just how much more will be available for them to experience.

Check out my account at
The Virtual Radio Station Is Now Broadcasting/Podcasting

So open up your ears because there will be a lot more music and dialogue to hear for yourself. Enjoy!

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