Stuff To Hear: Audio Interview Files with VDO on’The Cell’

Now that allows users to support audio files via the mp3 format, I thought I’d start to upload some rather rare and tough to find audio files that involve VDO.

This new capability to include audio information should allow me to make The Vault just that much better a site for a truly rich multimedia-enhanced learning experience on VDO. Thanks to my most munificent hosts at (you guys rule!)!

These are taken from a promotional only German audio press kit for ‘The Cell’ from 2000.

VDO on what convinced him to take the role of serial killer Carl Rudolph Stargher:

VDO on his research sources for background information to play a serial killer:

For those who speak German, here is a brief synopsis of the plot of and some production information about ‘The Cell’

And now for a scene from the film which are dubbed into German…I think this will be interesting for VDO’s fans to hear.

After entering into Carl Stargher’s mind, Catherine Deane (Jennifer Lopez) asks Carl where Julia Hickson is — unfortunately things go unexpectly wrong and Catherine’s team and FBI agent Peter Novak (Vince Vaughn) have to quickly come up with a way to rescue Catherine:

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