Here’s A Good Reason To Turn Off Blog Comments…

So I was catching up on a link I bookmarked a while back and I must say this is a little scary, but in an amusing kind of way.

WARNING: I have no idea what the comments section of this post might do to your RSS feed, so reader beware (especially if you’re reading this on something like a cell phone or something battery powered and without a lot of memory)!

The blog post on VDO

WOW!!! 855 Comments from a post back in 2003. A discussion that’s been going on for close to *THREE YEARS* and in a blog’s comment’s section.

Molly’s a pretty good sport though — rather than kill the discussion, just a couple of weeks ago she made this link
The continuing VDO blog post comments

Still I gotta hand it to VDO fans (and yes even the fangurls and those who are inclined to be troublemakers)…they seem to be able to start a discussion group pretty much anywhere online and keep it going for literally months on end. And I think it’s pretty cool that a bunch of them are taking up blogging thanks to “Commentzilla” (my new nickname for what is essentially a blog’s comment’s section that has been hijacked by VDO fans).

It reminds me of “Threadzilla” over at Data Lounge from a few years ago (if it’s still around, I’ll explain in a separate blog post, but I gotta go research what happened to it first).