Official Project Website: Ministranci (Polski) / The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys Polish Website

So I’ve been reaping the benefits of a *huge* breakthrough I’ve made in my ability to translate websites of many, *many* languages other than the ones I can (sort of) speak and read (i.e. English, French, & German)

Polish anyone???

Check out the official website for Ministranci (pronounced ‘mini-stron-key’)


I love that this site opens with the ransom note for ‘Agatha’ and I think the comic-book styled Flash opening is wicked cool (I didn’t realize VDO is associated with the lion creature in the Todd McFarlane cartoon, but I should have guessed given their facial similarities ;-)

The film’s trailer (with Polish spoken over the English dialog) can be seen at:
Ministranci Trailer (mpeg)

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