Cheers to NBC-Universal About Supporting

Well NBC News did a story about how an old media company (specifically their parent company NBC-Universal) *for once* didn’t overreact to a new media technology, the online video sharing site (home of The Vault’s Virtual Screening Room) and go lawsuit happy suing the site and potentially users who had uploaded videos using NBC-Uni’s intellectual property without NBC-Uni’s permission.

Fact is, NBC-Uni is getting to be more clueful and actually investing some of their money into They realize that they can also upload some of their own videos to YouTube and capture the eyeballs of fickle jaded viewers (and they’re not all youngsters who are disenchanted with old media style TV).

Now if they could just deliver on some Region 1 LOCI Season 2 DVDs (which rumor has it will be appearing in September 2006)…then I’d be willing to totally kiss and make up with them (and rush to get caught up to what will be the start of Season 6 of LOCI).

Kudos to NBC-Uni and can we get some LOCI outtakes on YouTube? (Pretty please?)


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