Skype Voice Contact For The Vault Is Almost A Go!

Well I think actual voice conversations using Skype will be a go, but as I’m at the local library checking out how this blog displays on a different type of computer than my own, I can’t test part of how Skype works (namely me talking to others with my very own voice: it’s not something polite or cool to do in a library, even if it’s one as friendly and laid back as this one).

I am playing a hunch based on something my best friend the electrical engineer and guy who can build computer hardware told me a few years ago (and for some strange reason I remember): USB is pretty much USB so it shouldn’t matter that the headset I just picked up at Wal-Mart on clearance (for $15.00) says “Playstation-2” on it (and no I don’t have a “Playstation-2”). The point is that this headset uses USB instead of the older teeny tiny jack so that I should get better sound than the other headset choice Wal-Mart had available ($19.99 for older technology…go figure). I didn’t expect to be able to get a USB headset for under $20, so I’m pretty happy with what I found.

I can say that the Playstation 2 USB headset sounds great even if I look sillier than Vince Vaughn did wearing his in ‘The Break-Up’ in a scene where Gary is talking trash to some kid while playing football on his video game console. I have tested out several websites that have sound, and I can’t believe how clear the sound is…this is very cool!

If this works, I am so looking forward to kissing my long distance carrier bye-bye and being able to talk with friends pretty much whenever we feel like it for free!


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