Stuff To Read: Annabeth Gish Interview with Roger Ebert

This came up in a search I was doing at Roger Ebert’s site on VDO

Here’s the relevant part of Ebert’s interview with a 17 year old but wise beyond her years Gish:

“…[Ebert says]The whole business of sex and dating and romance must be tricky for you, I said. Are the kids back home intimidated because you’re in the movies? Does anybody ever ask you out on dates?

“I’m still in school with the guys I went to kindergarten with, and they know the weird side of me, so they know I’m basically normal. But I haven’t been into the real dating place yet. Maybe that will happen at Northwestern. I have had young men approach me, knowing that I was an actress, and thinking of things other than their interest in just me.”

Thinking of their careers?

“In some circles, that’s all they think about. I made a real friend in the cast of `Mystic Pizza’ with Vince D’Onofrio (remember him in `Full Metal Jacket’?), who said in a lot of marriages involving actors, the big argument is over who’s the first one to get the bathroom mirror in the morning. So I ask myself, will I ever fall in love with an actor? Or anybody? It’s hard for me in high school, because I can’t always share all of the things that have become part of my world. The boys I know, their world is school and football games and stuff like that for now. And I’m too young to get involved with older guys. I am, however, a very romantic person, and I want to fall in love with someone.”…

Annabeth Gish plays it smart with `Mystic’ role BY ROGER EBERT October 16, 1988


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