ebaY Follies: The Sale Of Mancow Mueller’s ‘Stuff’

Can someone out there explain these ebaY live / Leslie Hindman auction results to me?!?!

Lot 236: Orson Welles Vest from ‘Jane Eyre’ & Signed Orson Welles Photograph $400.00

Lot 154: Prop Marine Helmet from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Signed By R. Lee Ermey $600.00

I know that Mancow (he’s a crass US radio DJ for those who have never heard of him) got the ‘Jane Eyre’ vest from the Planet Hollywood costume & prop sale of a few years ago. The FMJ (‘Full Metal Jacket’) helmet looks hinky to me though because it was signed with metallic silver Sharpie pen, a type of pen that came into vogue in the 1990s for autograph hunters after FMJ got made in 1987. Not that I think the Lee Ermey autograph’s a fake, but I think the helmet’s possibly not real, or wasn’t used in the shooting of FMJ.

For the record, I didn’t bid on either of those two lots (I definitely didn’t like the idea of a 22.5% buyers premium). I think the Welles piece was a reasonable deal though.

Anyway, Mancow sure had a lot of iffy-looking ‘collectibles’, especially the music-related pieces. It’s interesting to note that a guitar signed by the band Creed only gets a $100 premium if it belonged to Mancow. A few years back a company I worked for sold a similarly Creed signed guitar (they were handed out to key radio DJs across the USA to get the DJs to promote Creed’s albums – same model but in black instead of white – and Creed’s lead singer emailed us after the auction to authenticate that he had signed the guitar we sold but no one in Creed ever played it plus both are pretty cheaply made modern Fenders), and I’m not all that surprised to see that something of that caliber has not escalated very much in value.

I spotted a lot of suspicious looking rock & roll memorabilia in this auction. A lot of Mancow’s signed photos were recent reprints that presumably some of the actual actors/musicians/celebs signed. And a lot of stuff only has value if you can prove Mancow owned it (comic books, toys, hardback books) to the next person considering acquiring it.

Towards the ‘bottom end’ of the auction results, there is a lot of stuff that only someone with ‘different’ taste could love.

I don’t know why Leslie Hindman bothered…maybe Heritage Galleries turned Mancow’s consignments down?

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