Major Restructuring Going On at The Vault

If you’ve visited the sight lately, you will notice that there is a lot more ‘stuff’ or ‘visual clutter’ towards the top of this site. There are a bunch of links (in the form of grey buttons) that seem to be in a variety of different languages.

I am in the process of creating translated filmographies of the works VDO has appeared in thanks to some intensive online searching, some study of items already in the collection of the VDO Vault, and some logical deduction guided by online translation sites and some of my international (and multi-lingual) sources of ephemera.

I have tackled German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Swedish translations. So far so good, but I have password-protected these pages as they are not ready for general public viewing.

This is a *very* tedious and time-consuming process — for example on the Spanish language filmography page, I am aware of three different Spanish titles for ‘Full Metal Jacket’: one for Spain, one for Mexico and one for Argentina. And the Portugese page on which I am currently working but have yet to upload has similar issues for Brazillian Portugese and Portugese spoken in Portugal

I will have to decide eventually how to handle this – either by making an individual VDO filmography page for *every* country which has a project title variant (and that could mean dozens of buttons on the page) or to limit the number of non-English language filmography pages but some how denote the difference between the various countries’s titles.

Now if you compound this problem with languages that don’t use characters similar to those used in English (and here I mean Japanese Kanji, Thai, Korean, Greek, Russian, and Hebrew to name but a few languages), well, things get even more complex very quickly.

Adding a final layer of complexity to this situation is the fact that in many non-US countries, what we Americans think of as ‘films’ never got a theatrical run in many other countries. So I have to deal with whether a title used for a given work describes a theatrical or television broadcast or home video release and how to handle this in the filmography pages as well.

Confused yet? Well it’s nice to know I’m not alone…

So this is why you can’t look at everything I’ve done so far, at least not yet. I’m trying to spare the world a lot of confusion here rather than put these pages up chock full of errors and goofs that will only confuse US and non-US fans alike.

If you are a speaker of any of the above mentioned languages, your contributions and assistance are welcome. You can Skype me (still chat only) if you want to help.

Back to work translating for me.


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