Web Services: Got Skype? The Vault Does!

Skype profile icon for VDO Vault

If you’ve checked out the blogroll (a.k.a. the links on this site), you’ll see that under the ‘Web Services’ section, I’ve added a link to Skype’s website. You really ought to check them out :)

I figure Skype will be a nifty way to chat with friends and my favorite memorabilia suppliers around the globe first via a conventional chat program that is way more secure and robust than what I’m used to using at Yahoo!, then via worldwide phone calls using Voice over IP (they’re free for both sides if each one is calling via the Skype program!), and eventually maybe using video calling — I must admit to being a little camera shy though and I don’t have a webcam…anyway, at least not yet.

The pic above I chose for my Skype icon instead of my usual VDO Vault head shot avatar — note the phone and the microphone taped to VDO’s chest. It’s kind of the obvious best choice for my profile, given what Skype does.

Speaking of phones and microphones, I gotta go get either a PC mic or a headset…until then if you Skype me (hint: if you are already a Skype user, my profile name at skype is pretty close to the title of this blog), please use the chat function.

Oh and I have a fiendishly clever idea for a way to use a new service at Skype, but I’ll post more on that later :)

Technology can be fun :)


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