Hard To Get VDO Movies and How To Get Them #6 ‘Household Saints’

Here’s the latest hard to get movie finding article series recap:

#1 It Don’t Pay To Be An Honest Citizen

#2 Hotel Paradise

#3 The Investigator

#4 The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three

#5 Guy

Now it’s time for one I found to be a real toughie — ‘Household Saints’ …that is up until a few weeks ago!

One way to go with ‘Household Saints’ in the USA is with an NTSC VHS videotape. In the USA this would be Columbia Tristar Home Video (FineLine Features) #53063 (UPC Code #0 43396 53063 8) and it looks like this:

Household Saints US VHS

This has been your only option in the USA…unless you have an all-region DVD player

May I present straight from a friend of mine from my music business days who now lives in Thailand, ‘Household Saints’ on DVD (this is a Region 3 PAL disc)

'Household Saints' Thai Region 3 PAL DVD

My friend tells me this DVD is from a company called Right Beyond in Thailand (release info: Right Beyond DVD # ESDVD0133) and they are legitimate film producers and distributors (not bootleggers). I looked them up in the archives of Variety.com and sure, enough, they’re the real deal. He picked up this used copy for me in a supermarket chain over there called Big C. I understand that DVD rental (and bootlegging) are both huge in Thailand. This movie is in both the spoken languages of English & Thai and has both English & Thai subtitles which you can turn off if you don’t like them. I’ve watched this with the English titles on once just to see how accurate they are…they’re not bad but you can tell whoever did them is not a native English speaker. And notice on the cover of the DVD pictured above the spellings of Tracey Ullman and VDO’s names – I think the name ‘Winsent’ is kinda cute! LOL!

It’s cost is a whopping $3.00 retail! The shipping is where things get expensive and you also need a Region 3 or all-region DVD player to see it.

I understand that there is a PAL VHS out there from the Netherlands on ‘Household Saints’ called ‘Household Saints’ but I do not know which language it is in. There is supposedly also a PAL VHS out there from Germany on ‘Household Saints’ called ‘Ein Ganz Normal Wunder’ but again I do not know which language it is in either. I don’t have copies of either, sorry.


One thought on “Hard To Get VDO Movies and How To Get Them #6 ‘Household Saints’

  1. peachybc


    Thought you’d like to know that Turner Classic Movie website (http://tcmdb.com) has an excellent movie database search. All of the hard to find movies you mentioned are listed by Turner Class Movie. AND You can vote to have the hard to find movies released to DVD!
    For example I voted to have: Guy, Hotel Paradise, Household Saints, Naked Tango, Taking of Pelham One Two Three 1998 version released to DVD.

    As the Turner Classic webiste says about its voting feataure: “Turner Classic Movies routinely sends your votes to major Home Video Distributors responsible for releasing classic movies on DVD. So go ahead and vote and let your voice be heard.”

    If you’d like the links to the above mentioned movies, just let me know. You can contact me at PeachyBC@aol.com. Or you can search the TCM movie database and locate all the links yourself. BUT be sure and VOTE to have these movies released on DVD!!

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