Stuff To Collect: Examples of ‘Goren’ Wardrobe Tags from LOCI Costumes

If only I had a decent digital camera…then I could shoot you some decent pics of my favorite Goren LOCI costume, a navy blue pinstriped wool suit which is so Goren-like.

Here’s an example of one of the wardrobe tags:

This came safety-pinned to the outside of the suit (it was hanging from the left sleeve)

The ’46/2 pc’ on the tag tells the wardrobe assistant(s) that the item is a size 46 and that there are 2 pieces to it. To me size 46 either dates this suit to early in shooting season 1 or sometime in season 4 — both would be periods in which VDO was larger than usual because he had either just finished playing Pooh-Bear in ‘The Salton Sea’ or he had just finished playing Orson Welles in ‘Five Minutes, Mister Welles’

Moving on to the inside of the jacket, at the collar there is this tag attached with one of those funky plastic fasteners clothing stores use:

I know, it’s a blurry scan in the upper left corner again but I didn’t want to take this tag off because I don’t have replacements for those funky plastic fasteners clothing stores use.

The little light orange tag reads ‘2pc’ then ‘C17’. I am still researching the significance of ‘C17’. I think it is either a code for a scene, or perhaps for an episode and a scene (like maybe season #1, episode #7?)

Also from what you can see of the suit fabric, it scans more black than navy, but it is a deep dark rich navy blue. At least you can see the oh-so-subtle pinstripe and the fabulous herringboned texture the wool fabric has woven into it where the wider stripes are.

There are multiple pockets inside the suit jacket (which was made in Canada). If I recall correctly, this is a sign of better quality tailoring & clothing which would fit with the cop Terry Randolph’s comment in the LOCI season 1 episode ‘Badge’ that Goren being a big guy would have to pay more for his clothing just because of his size, but that also because his tastes ran to better made clothes (oh and she also figured he was single!). On one of the labels (which is black in color) is hand written in white ink (or maybe White-Out?) the legend ‘GOREN’. This dark black label would be hellaciously difficult to scan, so I’m not going to do it.

Now to describe the matching trousers…

In the waistband of the pants (which I am not going to attempt to scan) is written in marker the legend ‘C17 GOREN’ . Once again I have no definite idea what ‘C17’ means (I do know what ‘GOREN’ means though :)

Anyhow this describes some of the ways the LOCI costume & wardrobe people are marking costumes.


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