Stuff To Collect: Valentine’s Day Is Theater Day!

So I got bored with the nonsense from the previous post and went to the post office to pick up my mail and what do I spy inside a package in my box?

That’s right, my book finder at got me a copy of the ‘multi-role version’ of ‘Open Admissions’ by Shirley Lauro! (and I think this is a first printing, but I’m so happy to finally have a copy to read, I don’t really care).

Wheee! Happy Valentines Day to me!

This one has the following page inside (it’s also in the Playbill).

Look who has made his Broadway debut back in 1983.
I noticed VDO is not on the understudy list, possibly because there is no other part for him to play other than Juan Rivera (VDO is the wrong ethnicity for anything but Nick & Juan)

Here’s what Shirley Lauro (the playwright) has to say about VDO’s part:

“NICK RIZZOLI–18 Italian descent. Big, burly, with Bronx accent. Very passionate nature. A Freshman in the Speech class. Wears polyester suit.

Well I’m off to read the play and eat lunch!


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