A Movie Poster Collector’s Resource Dan Rickard’s Movie Poster Authentication Web Site

Am I ever glad to see the return of this site!

Dan Rickard’s Movie Poster Authentication

Dan’s site is an ever evolving treasure — I remember his old site (which crashed and now he’s having to reconstruct it — ouch!) and it kept me from getting into trouble many times. Dan doesn’t have many posters from the films of VDO, but he has advice on spotting fake posters for very popular films like Spiderman or Star Wars to name just two movie series which have lots of reprints and fake movie posters out there.

By the way, here’s his take on autographed poster auctions on FeeBay:

Signed Movie Posters
After watching E-Bay for the last 8 years I have come to learn that there is major money being made by signing movie posters and selling them as “authentic signed movie posters”.Most come with COA’S which amount to nothing if the person is not honest to begin with.I would estimate that over 90% of the signed movie items on E-BAY are fakes.Most likely more but I’ll be conservative.These people get their friends over,hand out the felts and go wild with reprints (as a rule).Not only are you getting ripped off by fake signings but the posters themselves are reprints and not “originals” as advertised.I was on vacation and went into a shop that sold signed movie posters.They were in beautiful frames and looked amazing.Upon close inspection I could tell EVERY single one was a reprint of some sort.I did not see bootlegs but I saw a ton of reprints signed.I confronted the seller who stuck up for them and finally agreed that “perhaps” the posters were reprints but the signatures were not.My arguement was that reprints usually come out after the film has wrapped and how on earth do they get “everyone” back together at the same time for a lengthy signing…his response…premieres. I have been to premieres myself and met stars and RARELY do they ALL show up.If you want my advice stay far away from most signed material unless you can afford to lose the money.
I have a small collection of signed material I have collected over the years.Most of it I can vouch for personally as I was there at the signing and can tell you stories about the signing.The small fraction I have bought were from people I trusted 100% who provided many pictures of the signing and told me personal information about the stars and other factors which lead me to buy them.Again I only have perhaps 3 or 4 of these in my 30+ years of collecting.Pictured is a “supposed” King Kong signed poster.Those signatures sure look like all the same person to me!


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