Stuff To Watch!!!: ‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’ is in competition at Cinequest 2006

Oh most happy day!

I just checked in at The Reel and found out that ‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’, VDO’s directorial debut (and his second shot at portraying Orson Welles) is entered into competition at Cinequest 2006, which is a film festival held in San Jose, California. This year’s dates are March 1-12, 2006. And since I might be visiting extended family in California at that time, I went ahead and sprung for some general admission tickets — even if I can’t be there, I’d love to see this program sell out to prove to the powers that be that we VDO fans are serious about getting to see ‘Welles’

‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’ will be shown with 4 other short films as part of the Shorts Competition Program 5: Cineverses
first on March 9th at 9:30 PM and then again on March 12th at 12:15 PM at the Cinema 12, 201 South Second Street, San Jose CA)

The other four films are:
‘Up on the Rope’ (directed by Paula Froehle) presents a boy with an unusual perspective on life. In this case, it’s quite literal.

Veteran British actor Alan Corduner (‘The White Countess’, ‘Vera Drake’) plays an obsessive dandy in (directors Antony Zaki and Jon Story’s) ‘Against Nature’, an upper crust scribe whose universe couldn’t be more ordered. That’s unfortunate for the homeless wreck outside his window.

Bay Area filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt brings us his latest offering ‘Phantom Limb’: an elegy for his deceased brother and a meditation on coping with loss.

‘Uso Justo’ (directed by Coleman Miller) is a community just east of the border that comes to life when a film crew rolls into a town. The enthusiastic residents quickly realize, however, that they are obliged to obey some very basic rules of storytelling.

There are seven different programs of short films to be shown and I presume that ‘Welles’ is competing in the ‘Best Narrative Short’ category

If you want to see this program sell out and get tickets of your own (they cost $9.00, unless you’re a student, in which case they’re only $5.00!) get out your Mastercard or Visa and check out:

There is other cool stuff that will be happening at Cinequest 2006 but two things deserve quickie mentions:

1) Edward James Olmos – he played Detective Anthony Piscotti, VDO’s character’s nemesis in ‘The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three’ will be receiving this year’s Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award. Olmos is both a great actor and a huge asset to the entirety of American society, not to mention a leader and outspoken role model in the Latin American community.

See this for more info on Olmos’s award:

2) One of my all time favorite movies the silent science fiction film classic ‘Metropolis’ which was directed by the brilliant Fritz Lang, is going to be shown at 7:30 PM on March 3rd at the California Theatre (345 South First Street, San Jose, CA). While I don’t think the version to be shown is my beloved Kino restoration with the original orchestral score, this showing will have organ accompaniment and this is one film that you need to see on the big screen at least once in your lifetime – it is definitely worth paying $10 to see. There are some Buster Keaton films that will be shown too, but ‘Metropolis’ on a big theater screen is a ‘don’t miss’ experience for a movie junkie.

If I were casting VDO in a remake, it would be one of the Dr. Mabuse films with VDO taking on Rudolph Klein-Roegge’s lead role — you can see Rudolph in a pic at the link below (he’s the crazy looking mad scientist standing directly in front of the robotrix).

The Dr. Mabuse films are about a notoriously clever and cunning criminal, Dr. Mabuse, (kinda like Sherlock’s Moriarity, but with way more flair and some talent for magic and illusions).


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