Stuff To Watch: Campaign to get ‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’ released to DVD!

The Vault sent this email to Jens Michael Hussey who is the media contact for Cinequest.

If you want Cinequest to try and get ‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’ released to DVD, you might try emailing your interest to the same address.

Here’s The Vault’s letter:

Hi there Jens Michael Hussey

Let me be the first fan of Vincent D’Onofrio’s to request that if at all possible, Cinequest’s DVD label release his short film ‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’ to DVD. As one of his many fans, we are all dying to see D’Onofrio’s directorial debut and his second shot at playing Orson Welles (you might recall, his first was in Tim Burton’s ‘Ed Wood’). We would be more than happy to help finance the intriguing and worthy venture that is Cinequest and to support D’Onofrio’s filmmaking ventures through the purchase of DVDs containing ‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’ directly from Cinequest.

Also if possible, please make some or all of ‘Five Minutes Mister Welles’ available for viewing at Cinequest Online during or after Cinequest 2006. I guarantee that as a fan I will get out the word :)

Thanks for your time!
The Vault
Curator, The VDO Vault
Virtual museum & musings on all things related to Vincent D’Onofrio


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