ebaY Follies: Bootleg ‘Naked Tango’ Copies are available on FeeBay again

Ugh…do I despise these auctions or what?

ebaY 9100493191 – a bootlegged DVD version of ‘Naked Tango’.
Ladies and gentlemen ‘Naked Tango’ has *never* been released to DVD: therefore this is a bootlegged copy of ‘Naked Tango’

ebaY 9102481121 – Good old ebaY seller montrealcinema (and it’s sister id triestecinema) are at it again selling bootlegged VHS copies of ‘Naked Tango’ on ebaY.
Note the following wording PICTURE QUALITY…Good

That is code for ‘pretty good for a bootlegged copy’

Several old-timer VDO fans have been burned by montrealcinema/triestecinema and their crappy quality copies. Don’t let yourselves join their ranks. This seller used to sell bootlegged movies from the following page:


where they would offer you your choice of a VHS or…you guessed it…a DVD.

I guess it’s the greedy reaction to the results that the seller that has a legit still sealed VHS copy of ‘Naked Tango’ up for bids (ebaY 9101937886) is getting that is bring all these bootleg listers out of hiding.


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