Fangurl Problems: See, It Isn’t Just Me…

So I cruised on over to the Cheese Fiend’s blog today to see what’s up with her artwork and what do I see?


Why me?

I am rather irritated by this stupid situation, not specific individuals, just the whole situation created by some …..
I am in the middle of the lamest controversy ever.

On one hand:we got the obsessed fans, creating trouble to a celebrity because they have these strange illusions, also known as obsessive “celebrity crushes” and as successfully VDOVault notes in her blog ,the “fangurls”. Those fangurls know almost everything about the celeb (except his ‘size’, but i bet they’d love to know that too, or even test it as well). They achieved to come in close contact with the celeb’s family and unfortunately took advantage over it, thus resulting to ugly situations, such as being sued, persecuted etc.

On the other hand:we got the “reasonable’ fans. Fans that might collect movies, pictures, various memorabilia of this particular celeb. Fans who have utter respect (and probably a healthy level of attraction) for a person who might have shaped their ordinary lives in such a way and made their days and nights more interesting, because you see, a good dose of talent in a frequent basis can be quite helpful.

The bad news about those reasonable fans are that they feel or have been violated by the “fangurls”. So what should they do? Shut them out of their lives and protect their properties? Right. But what happens when a person like me (who i like to consider myself a “healthy” fan) finds herself in the middle of the fight? Why do i have to pay the consequences of being part of a group whose activities i am not fully aware of and honestly, i am not particularly interested in ever finding out?

In a few words, do i really have to give a shit if some fangurls decided to start pulling hair and attack each other on the net? Or maybe should i feel guilty for showing sheer interest for the celeb’s work/progress/personality?

Does anyone realize what a fool of themselves they make? Or possibly how the celeb might feel for all this, seeing his family being attacked and stalked by a bunch of fangurls?

Frankly i don’t give a damn where he lives, where he eats, how he fucks,or…whatever. And i have no intention in letting anyone to turn me into a fucking scapegoat of a certain group that might be guilty of misbehavior, but has nothing to do with ME. I wasn’t there, i never did anything to offend anyone, i have no intention whatsoever to make a living out of this celeb’s private life, so why pay the consequences of someone else’s cruel actions?
People and their ”vendettas”.. [/rant]

Hey Cheese Fiend…if you’re getting shit from fangurls, that’s the surest sign you have *talent*. You should keep doing your thing at your blog and let the fangurls flail around being all jealous because they can’t do what you do (well a few of them could if they weren’t so damn busy doing stupid stuff like blog comment spaming and squabbling over who owns an image they ‘found’ online).

The Vault understands and sympathizes :) Now go forth & be creative some more!!!

Music ‘Games People Play’ by The Alan Parsons Project


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