Stuff To Watch: ‘Strange Days’ Video Clips Added To The Virtual Screening Room

Well after a weekend of what must have been very heavy traffic to (Was the Super Bowl that bad? I was busy doing organizational stuff with the collection and didn’t watch it although I know the Pittsburgh Steelers won — good for them!) I was finally able to get in early this morning and finish uploading all the relevant video clips from the ‘Strange Days’ Die Zukunft ist jetzt (The future is now) Interactive Preview The CD-ROM.

Go check out the Virtual Screening Room at:

Wait til you hear what VDO dubbed into German sounds like! What a gas! The German voice of VDO in ‘Strange Days’ can be heard in the clip:

‘Strange Days’ Officer Steckler Confronts Lenny & Mace

When I can figure out how to do so, letting you all hear what Jason Whitney the geeky computer programmer from ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ sounds like in German is even more amusing.


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