VDO in Japanese = ヴィンセント ドノフリオ

From some Web searching I did tonight

Vincent = ヴィンセント
Phillip = フィリップ
D’Onofrio = ドノフリオ

Of course in Japan they read from right to left so it’s actually

ヴィンセント フィリップ ドノフリオ

I am using Google to translate Kanji into English and so far the wackiest film title translation is for this film :

草の上の月 = “Month On Grass” = ‘The Whole Wide World’

You would have thought if any movie of VDO’s would have translated to ‘Month On Grass’ it would be ‘Steal This Movie’ (where VDO plays Abbie Hoffman, hippie hero extraordinaire)!

Don’t mind me, I’m amusing myself here.


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