VDO Movie Source In The UK: sendit.com (formerly Blackstar)

Everyone American I know who was addicted to lots of programming from the BBC used to use this pretty good source for PAL VHS videos and PAL DVDs back when it was Blackstar (blackstar.co.uk) — they would happily ship things to the USA. Now it goes by the name sendit.com and it seems many of their prices are still pretty fair

You can search on VDO movies at the following link:


Supposedly they will hunt rare videos for you, but since I’ve never sendit.com or it’s predecessor Blackstar, I don’t know how good they are at it. They do offer that service for ‘Guy’ and ‘Naked Tango’ though so that’s a possibility for you European VDO fans.

I was surprised to see how many VDO DVDs have been deleted in the UK. The VHS tape deletions are not that big a surprise but wow – deleting DVDs?

They do have pics up for the Thumbsucker DVD (I think the UK version is getting a nicer cover than what we got here) that will come out in March and also for the Season 2 LOCI DVDs which are set to come out in the UK in November.

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