Updates: New Stuff Being Added

I promise I’m not ignoring my blog here, I just have a ton of housekeeping at other sites to do to make all of The Vault projects make more sense

First of all, I have finally gotten all of The Vault’s CD Soundtracks photographed, scanned & uploaded (in chronological order) to flickr.com. They are visible at:


Second I am struggling a bit with uploading videos for ‘Strange Days’ to youtube.com (it is the weekend after all so everyone and his or her dog is online there watching or uploading video). Keep visiting the Virtual Screening Room at


Wait til you hear what VDO dubbed into German sounds like! What a gas!

Third I am editing old posts here at the blog to add eyecandy to them – the hard to get movies series is almost done and hopefully the pictures from that series are helping VDO fans find their flicks! There will be more to come in this series, I promise (probably next up will be ‘Naked Tango’, followed by ‘Household Saints’)

Fourth I am scanning in still more images from all kinds of stuff you won’t believe (this alone is going to keep The Vault busy for months). For example, just this morning, I got a package from Japan and I’m floored by what I ordered sight unseen – the stuff that came is so unbelievably cool and I can hardly wait to share my finds! I wish I could read Kanji and speak Japanese (I really want to do a filmography for VDO in Japanese here)

Fifth I have added an English language filmography page to which I plan on adding images of the relevant US DVDs VDO fans should be looking for. I will cover everything else that is not on a Region 1 DVD someplace, I promise. And you for sure can expect to see German and French filmography pages very soon.

Sixth you might have noticed that the links lists in my blogroll keep getting longer & longer – I hope you find many of them to be handy. I especially like pointing people to the official sites of entertainment professionals. When I find something, it gets added. And now that I can make as many sets for photos as I want to, links to whole segements of The Vault’s collection can get added.

Finally there are organizational things I am currently doing with my physical collection that I work on when I am not online (it’s a bit more disorganized than I would like and I need to address that with some sorting and filing). Oh and I also take time out to watch and read stuff and talk to friends plus I do boring stuff like sleep and eat.

Anyhow, it’s time for me to get back to work!

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