Blast From My FanFic Past: The Return Of Apocrypha, The Law & Order Zine

Oh my goodness!

I was just surfing, kind of goofing around really, and have been thrown back a couple of years into my fannish past by a link I just found by doing a little research on Chris Noth’s online presence.

It seems that the venerable apocrypha, the Law & Order zine is once again up and running.

The version I used to read and eventually got two LOCI stories published in is now at :

I started writing fanfic for the mothership (the original Law & Order) and since apocrypha was pretty much it for online Law & Order zines that have some standards about what they publish, I tried and tried and tried to get my short stories accepted there while working on my own monster fanfic novel (It was definitely going to be a trilogy of which I had for sure worked out the first two parts).

I got rejected by apocrypha *a lot*, probably deservedly so, because I was putting more effort into writing the trilogy than apocrypha’s challenges or other stories that would have fit with apocrypha’s stories. My tripartate novel of course featured the perennial L&O fan favorite Detective Mike Logan, other L&O regulars and characters of my own creation and well, let’s just say that while what I was doing amused and interested me, it wasn’t doing anything special for the editors of apocrypha (and I don’t think it would have done a lot for their readers either)

Then LOCI went into production and I switched to writing for Goren and suddenly my writing really began to shine. Working Goren into my unfinished novel (he would become the focus of the third part of my trilogy) and then working on stories that could stand on their own in answer to an apocrypha challenge plus be incorporated into my own fictional world was just what the fanfic doctor ordered. I had 2 stories published that were answers to apocrypha fanfic challenges and I was the first person to write LOCI fic blessed by the powers that be at apocrypha.

It’s scary to think of this now, but my first published story won the Blue Wall (apocrypha readers choice) Award for a challenge story in 2002. ‘Night Portrait I’ I don’t think stands the test of time but you can read it and laugh at me and my pretentions all you want over at:

The story I am most proud of is a true stand alone, a musing on an idea I had about how Goren might have first met Eames that also deals with the ‘Homicide:Life On The Street’ world (this is what fanfic writers call a ‘crossover’ story) and a reason I made up for two characters disappearance from the Baltimore Homicide Squad (sort of fan supplied backstory if you like). That story ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’ is at:

I think rereading ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’, that I had a pretty good handle on all four characters I used and that some of my dialogue still sounds pretty crisp when I internally verbalize it. Goren of course comes off the best both in terms of characterization and action, but I think I gave Eames the best lines. And it helps that Madonna wrote some pretty insightful lyrics, lyrics that mean different things to the different genders and advance my story nicely.

Madonna’s ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’

Anyway I feel a lot better that apocrypha is back up and running although they don’t yet have a lot of new fic to show off at their blog. Go do some reading at:

And be sure to catch what VDO had to say at the 2005 Television Critics Association press conference on LOCI at

I still say the jobsharing agreement over at LOCI is going to be a good thing (and it’s got me thinking again about how to work the induction of Mike Logan into the Major Case Squad into my dormant and long abandoned fanfic…I wonder if I’ve got one more decent short fanfic left in me after all and if the novel from hell could be viable).



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