Shameless Plug: Rutger Hauer’s Official Site

Well I am so glad to see that Rutger’s Official site is still chugging away (it’s been around since 1999)! I thought I’d post a link or two here to amuse the VDO fans who read this blog

Here are some of Rutger’s fans comments on ‘The Blood Of Heroes’ (known in Europe as ‘Salute Of The Jugger’ or ‘Salute To The Jugger’)…scroll through and notice the pictures posted there

Also be sure to check out Rutger’s official charity The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association. Rutger raises money for pregnant women and children around the world who have HIV/AIDS. He signs lots of neat stuff and auctions it off on ebaY to raise money for his organization (occasionally there are things from ‘The Blood Of Heroes’ listed…it’s a very popular movie for Rutger’s fans as well as VDO fans)

Oh and from the odd fan files, there’s an actual Jugger league in Germany! The members actually dress up and play the game of Jugger from ‘The Blood of Heroes’ which is kind of neat in a weird sort of way (I don’t think they play to the death though)! Their website (which is in German) is at:



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