Hard To Get VDO Movies and How To Get Them #5 ‘Guy’

Here’s the movie finding article series recap:

‘It Don’t Pay To Be An Honest Citizen’


‘Hotel Paradise’ (the short film from the ‘Erotic Tales’ Series)


‘The Investigator’ (the short film from the ‘Perverse Destiny’ Series)


‘The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three’ (the made for ABC TV movie)


Here is one of the most aggravatingly difficult to find but well worth the effort films of VDO to track down – the super elusive but superlative indie film ‘Guy’

I know of only 2 legitimate versions of ‘Guy’ out there.

One is this PAL VHS tape from the UK Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Electric #0587423 UPC #0 44005 87423 5):


The plus to this tape is it’s in English and has no subtitles. The minuses are that 1) it’s a PAL VHS which is incompatible with US NTSC VHS and 2) it’s on the easier to damage videotape

Here is my preferred alternative:Guy Chinese VCD Set

Yes that’s right, once again I’m advocating this VCD set from Hong Kong’s Ocean Shores Video Limited (CV 368 and sorry but there’s no UPC code to give you)

The good news is yes this VCD set is in English and yes a Video CD should be more durable than a videotape (not to mention the fact that you can watch it on a computer or on a DVD player). The bad news is this version of ‘Guy’ has non-removable Chinese subtitles.

A third option is to make a recording from a (very uncommon) TV airing. Supposedly the Sundance Channel in the USA is preparing to show ‘Guy’ at the end of February 2006, so making a tape/DVD/TiVo/DVR home recording is a third distinct possibility to getting a copy of ‘Guy’ for repeated viewing. This is most helpful to American VDO fans, but what will that do to help you if you’re a non-US VDO fan?

Is it seeming less and less wacko to pay hundreds of dollars to get an NTSC VHS copy of ‘Guy’ for repeated viewing?

One of the things I am working hard on (and I finally have some new leads) is to figure out how ‘Guy’ fell through the US home video distribution cracks and to determine who now owns the Polygram Filmed Entertainment library. Once I know that (and I have one heck of a good hunch which studio now owns ‘Guy’ but will post on that once I have gotten my hands on the material that confirms my conclusions), believe you me, I’m going to start a worldwide lobbying campaign the likes of which the entertainment industry has never before seen to get ‘Guy’ released to DVD in as many countries as possible (preferably in a non-region restricted version). This studio is missing out on a lot of seriously easy money as that recent ‘Guy’ auction illustrated.

Meanwhile, go visit the link to see all the pretty pictures of the ‘Guy’ VCD set. Feel free to copy the images (I still don’t get why they added flames to the graphics — they remind me of an action movie which ‘Guy’ definitely is not. Maybe it’s the Chinese cleverly realizing and graphically depicting just how hotly pursued this movie is among VDO fans?) then turn them over to your movie finding sources around the globe. 



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