A Little Off Topic: The Meaning of the Name ‘D’Onofrio’? “Support Of Peace”

This is kind of fascinating as I had been looking for the meaning of VDO’s family name and had not until today been successful:


“DONOFRIO Family Name

Records indicate that there are over 1300 heads of households in the United States with the family name of Donofrio. It has various spellings: d’Onofrio, D’Onofrio and Donofrio. Related surnames from probable spelling variations are: Onofrio, D’Onofrios, D’Onofri, Nofri, Noferi, and Noferini. Its origins are thought to be Italian from the Naples/Rome area.

In Italy, the surname DONOFRIO appears to be patronymical in origin, and is believed to be associated with the Italian’s meaning “the son of Onofrio.” Now we believe that there was a land owning family “Onofrio” that sons or men who lived on that land were call d’Onofrio (or “of Onofrio”) from which they obtained their names. Records indicate that Onofrio refers to “support of peace.” More can be found in the records of “Emilia.” In those ancient times only persons of rank, the podesta, clergy, city officials, army officers, artists, and landowners were entered into the “Emilia records.”

In the United States there are numerous important contributions that have been accomplished by individuals with the surname DONOFRIO. A Google search notes that the name represents individuals who are physicians, teachers, researchers, athletes, businessmen and several actors.”  

I emailed the groups owner and encouraged him to add Elizabeth D’Onofrio’s website to his list of DOnofrios and also to note that her son Hawk and her father Gene are also actors.


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