‘The Break-Up’ Images: VDO The Cartoon Character (Again) and The US Movie Poster

 Mood music ‘Troubled Heart’ by The Rubinoos

Here’s the company logo for ‘Three Brothers Bus Tours’, the bus tour company which Vince Vaughn’s character Gary Grobowski, Cole Hauser’s character, Lupus Grobowski, and VDO’s character Dennis Grobowski are supposed to own in the upcoming movie ‘The Break-Up’. I see someone has some serious graphic design talent, but I worry that the actual poor VDO will be surrounded by live-action cartoon characters in this movie billed as a ‘comedy’.

Taking a page from ‘Happy Accidents’, it’s positive affirmation time. So here’s what I’m repeating over and over in my head:

“If Pacino and Walken could survive the ‘Gigli’ travesty, there’s hope for VDO post ‘Break-Up, if Pacino and Walken could survive…”

Moving on to the next discovery… 

I cannot believe I am going to sully my blog with an actual image of Jennifer (EWWW!) Aniston. I have seen the newly released movie poster for ‘The Break-Up’ Frankly it sucks – it is a travesty of visual design.

But here it is in all its hideousness.


Fugly poster


Sucks, doesn’t it?  

As in ugly. As in stupid tagline (‘pick a side’?!) unoriginal image (episodes of ‘The Brady Bunch’ and ‘Three’s Company’ did the tape border thing more artfully), poor colors (who sleeps in a mostly gray bedroom?!?!), tired layout (it’s a wonder the actors aren’t asleep in this pic), and (for those who care) it’s extremely UN-sexy. 

Thank goodness there’s only the teeniest tiniest hint of you-know-who in lingerie [pardon my involuntary shudder] pictured on this poster. Even Vince Vaughn fans don’t get much to look at on this butt-ugly movie poster (just what is making Vaughn hide eyes wide and cringing under the covers…could it be that this movie really does suck that badly?) 

The Vault is in great moral crisis over whether to attempt to acquire a copy of said poster for its collection. On the one hand there is the completist urge that says the Vault’s VDO movie poster collection won’t be complete without a copy. On the other, there is the utter repulsion said poster inspires. It would likely remain rolled up in a shipping tube, never to be displayed (well maybe it could be hung in the back of a dark infrequently opened closet). 

Oh Universal, why, *why*, in the name of all that is good in the universe **WHY** did you make this poster so crappy?!?! 

I gotta stop this post…it’s too depressing.


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