ebaY Follies (?): ‘Guy’ Press Kit & Video

If I ever want to join the Dark Side to generate income for myself, I’ll make repros of the items listed in this recently closed auction (ebaY auction #7585830945):

Vincent D’Onofrio Hope Davis Kirby Dick Guy [Press Kit] VHS Film

Lot consists of VHS tape of the movie ‘Guy’ plus 1 8 x 10″ still with 2 pics of VDO plus 16 pages of production info.

Starting bid: 99 cents

Number of bids: 90 (!)

Winning bid: $371.50 (!!)

Number of hits: 369 (and still counting !!!)

Congrats to the winner of one helluva rare press kit and welcome to the very exclusive club of ‘Guy’ press kit owners. The Vault’s ‘Guy’ press kit came from the archives of Cinema magazine in Germany but no, sadly, the Vault’s kit did not include a copy of the actual film).

The Vault was tempted to bid but didn’t (the Vault also has a copy of ‘Guy’ that will be written about in a future blog post)…however the Vault has it on good authority that this kit came from a journalist who was supposed to be covering the 1996 Venice Film Festival for one of the entertainment trade magazines, but the journalist was unable to attend ‘Guy’ and so said journalist was able to get a screener along with the press kit and complete the review.

So there’s the story…was this auction also a folly? Not if you’re judging the by the authenticity of the goods.   


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