The Oscars: Congratulations To Robert Altman!!

Music ‘Pipeline’ by The Alan Parsons Project (it’s a smart sophisticated instrumental that I think suits Altman’s body of work)

Well the Oscar nominations list just got published and the one thing that caught my eye is that Robert Altman (who had the good sense to cast VDO as the victim, the snubbed and snarky screenwriter David Kahane in his brilliant Hollywood satire ‘The Player’) is getting an honorary Oscar (presumably for his brilliant body of work). No director I know of uses sound better than Altman so this award is well-deserved.

Other than that I’m rooting for ‘Good Night & Good Luck’ over ‘Brokeback Mountain’ as Best Picture.

Congratulations Robert Altman — you really deserve it (you’re right up there in my pantheon of great directors like Fritz Lang, Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles, and Sidney Lumet — Sidney won the honorary Oscar last year)

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