Stuff To Watch?!?! The Documentary ‘Overnight’

Well I have seen the documentary ‘Overnight’ twice now and I think it’s safe to say that it’s subject Troy Duffy is an idiot.

Mr. Duffy a complete Hollywood outsider somehow landed a deal to make a movie (‘The Boondock Saints’), get his band signed to a record label including a deal to record the soundtrack and even get Harvey Weinstein to buy the Hollywood bar (P.J. Sloans) at which he was slinging drinks.

This documentary shows how Duffy blows it bigtime, mostly by being far too obnoxious for the (clearly limited) amount of talent he has at churning out a low-rent Tarantino type gangster film (‘The Boondock Saints’ makes ‘Reservoir Dogs’ look marginally interesting by comparison and no I didn’t like ‘Reservoir Dogs’ either — I started reading a book during my one and only home video viewing of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ while with my ‘Boondock’ rental, I let it run while going around doing my laundry and the dishes and I *hate* household chores, so this says something for how bad both films are). 

‘Overnight’ is the sort of thing that you don’t want the kids to watch (Duffy’s language is like a caricature of his gangster’s characters only worse). It is also mind-numbingly aggravating — you want one of Duffy’s friends to slap him silly (or better yet, for his parents to finally paddle his backside but good for being such an utter jerk — he even verbally abuses *them* in an upscale restaurant).

Where is VDO in this thing? He’s briefly seen in the background sitting at the bar of Sloans talking to someone in Duffy’s posse (definitely not Duffy, which is a good thing, because I think VDO could have seriously hurt Duffy had Duffy gone off on VDO). Also Matthew Modine is also seen briefly hanging out in the bar (I suspect VDO and Modine went together to the bar to check out the flavor of the second who went stale pretty much as soon as his name was printed in Variety). Neither one says anything in ‘Overnight’, I think they were included to show the brief ‘hipness fest’ that was Troy Duffy.

I think Joe Bob Briggs the drive-in movie critic would call Troy Duffy the poster child for retroactive abortion. The fact that a sequel to the first ‘Boondock Saints’ film is being planned shows you just how screwed up Hollywood is, how idea bankrupt they have become.

This film you should see as cheaply as you possibly can (free may be too expensive) and for goodness sakes, fast forward to see which celebs are in ‘Overnight’ and then move on with your life.

Even a three-year old child has better sense than Duffy and the documentary’s filmmakers who hung around to shoot all the off-putting footage.


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