Stuff To Collect: VDO Mylar Miniature Movie Marquee Signs

In The Vault’s quest to be ever more esoteric in things to collect that are VDO-related, here are some pictures of what are called mylars. These are mini-sized which means they measure about 2.5″ tall by 11.5″ wide. You will see them at your local multiplex, first on a big menu board announcing the movies currently playing at the ticket window and then often once again at a lighted sign right outside the theater room. You sometimes also see them at the local video store — they are placed on a big lighted sign that hangs on the store’s wall announcing new or upcoming releases.

These are made of semitransparent plastic (mylar) and are made to just slide into and out of a slot in front of an electrically lighted sign.

That said here are some examples:

The Cell

The Cell Mini Movie Mylar  

Men In Black

Men In Black Movie Mylar

The Newton Boys

Newton Boys Mini Mylar


Thumbsucker Mini Mylar

These are pretty cheap to buy (sometimes they are less than a dollar each). The signs meant to be used to display them are not so cheap, but one of these days as more video stores start going out of business, I figure I’ll be able to buy a sign from a store fixtures sale.

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