Weird Aquisition #3: You’ll Just Hafta See It For Yourself And Read The Story…

If you keep collecting, you will keep topping yourself.

No matter how weird you think your stuff is, you can always find something weirder.

I have no idea who thought this promotional item for ‘The Cell’ was a good idea:

The Cell Bubble Bath

 This is a bottle of *bubble bath*! It’s not bleach.

Text translates to:

“Dream and foam in the water tank with ‘The Cell Body Bleach’ the clean solution from the house of Kinowelt!”

“[By comparison other showers look multicolored]”

Ummm…yeah…riiight… [I’m stepping slowly and cautiously away from whomever thought this was a good idea to promote a movie about a serial killer and what goes on in his mind]

I got this very creepy thing a few years ago when I was still working for a music and movie memorabilia business. The seller was in Germany and had listed some other items related to ‘The Cell’ on ebaY so this came with the lot. He didn’t want to ship it to the USA (probably because at that time it was still filled with a liter of milky white bubble bath!), so I had it sent to two friends in Germany who were coming to visit the shop I worked for just a few months later.

They of course asked me if it was okay if they poured out the bubble bath before they carried it on their flight to the USA so it wouldn’t leak all over their clothes (it was to be packed and checked in their luggage), so I said that was fine. Thank goodness neither German nor US customs wanted to hand search their luggage (this came to the USA before 9/11) or there would have been some serious explaining for them to do.

The plastic bottle is empty now, so no I never got to bathe in official ‘The Cell Body Bleach’ bubble bath (although it still *smells* like Mr. Bubble bubble bath). Given which scene from ‘The Cell’ it references, I wouldn’t have had a nice relaxing bath if I could have used it anyway. In fact, I think it’s put me right off of the idea of ever using Mr. Bubble bubble bath again…the idea just creeps me out [shudder!].

If I close my eyes and think about the smell of a Mr. Bubble bubble bath I see something like this:

The Cell

Therefore, so I can enjoy relaxing in my bathtub, I keep this in a tightly lidded plastic tub in my basement (certainly not anywhere near my bathtub).

Moving right along…


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