Weird Aquisition #2: VDO Action Figure?!?!

…and I’ll bet you thought the Strange Days comic book illustrations of VDO are, um…strange.

I can top them.

Meet ‘Alien Attack Edgar’ a Galoob product

Yeah, it’s an ‘action figure’ of a VDO character. Actually the Edgar pictured above is in theory a bootlegged action figure from Mexico.

My Edgar is here:

MIB Alien Attack Edgar

I know, I know…blurry scan, but ‘Edgar’ didn’t want to stay put on the scanner bed for the duration of the image making process. As you can see, his coloring is all wrong (green skin blue overalls), he’s too skinny, and the face looks nothing like VDO’s. You can’t see this but Edgar has one ‘foot’ in a boot and one claw for a foot. But he’s got a little shot gun, that’s for sure, permanently attached to that ‘wrong colored lifeless hand’.

Stupid-looking? Sure it is. Weird? Of course. But hey The Vault’s got one (and probably should spring for a second one that won’t get liberated from its cardboard and plastic prison…er, ‘original packaging’).

Some day I’m gonna buy a full mannequin, dress it in one of the real Edgar costumes, and put ‘Alien Attack Edgar’ on display in the mannequin’s hand (to see who gets the inside joke besides me).

Movie merchandising and tie-in toys and VDO…go figure.


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