Vault Aquisition: Thumbsucker CD-ROM Press Kit

Just so you loyal visitors to The Vault know, I have uploaded all 16 photos from my US Thumbsucker CD-ROM press kit. They don’t all contain images of VDO, but that doesn’t bother me, because if it’s VDO project-related, it gets acquired by The Vault. 

For those who don’t want to go to the flickr link at the right check out this:

Thumbsucker VDO as Mike Cobb

and this:


and this:


It’s kind of odd, but I think this is the very first VDO movie with exclusively digital images in its press kit (which is simply a CD-ROM). This means that anyone selling paper Thumbsucker photos is selling reprints. The old press materials that are printed on paper are going the way of the 8 track tape player.

The Thumbsucker DVD came out in the USA (Region 1) today hooray! I of course have mine it was a whopping *50 cents* after I cashed in the $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble I got for Christmas from the neighbors and used my 10% off Barnes & Noble club card to get the price down from list of $26.99. I have seen the DVD today on the shelves at my local Target and Circuit City for $19.99. Wal-Mart as usual sucks – of course they didn’t have it in stock and I wonder if they ever will order it?

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