Weird Aquisition #1: VDO, Comic Book Villain?!?!

Not everything I have collected related to VDO’s career has importance because of it’s direct relevance to a production VDO worked in or because it is a documentary object you can learn something from and take seriously.

There is some truly *weird* stuff out there that has been made to promote (or to cash in on the success of) a given movie. It’s not common for these good old fashioned ‘Hollywood” movies to have anything to do with VDO, probably because VDO rarely chooses to be in them (and like him I don’t really get “Hollywood” these days either). But occasionally something slips through the gi-normous marketing machine behind big budget flicks.

When I come across something like this, my reaction is usually one of mild repulsion, followed by laughter, and then the stirring of the irresistable inner voice of my collector’s instincts saying “Buy the stupid thing already!

One such item: the comic book (or should I say graphic novel?) movie adaptation for ‘Strange Days’ put out by Marvel Comics in December of 1995 by Dan Chichester, Mike McKone, Nancy Poletti, and illustrator Bill Reinhold.

The story in the comic book is something like the movie but the odd thing is how prominent VDO’s character Officer Burton Steckler is in the comic book adaptation. I wonder if the comic’s creators were closet fans.

Anyhow, heeeere’s Burton….

VDO as comic book character Officer. Burton Steckler

Before you get a chance to stop laughing, which other VDO role does this image remind you of?

Officer Burton Steckler doing a Pvt. Pyle imitation

I wonder if Stanley Kubrick ever saw this, and if he did, what he thought of it?

There’s an old ‘Strange Days’ fansite you can check out at:


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