What The Heck Is A Movie Print Poster or a MasterPrint Poster?

One of the questions a friend of mine who collects movie memorabilia (but not VDO memorabilia) emailed me last night to ask me what a Masterprint poster is. He saw several listed at FeebaY under some Buy It Now listings and was curious, having never heard of them before.

Masterprints are 11″ x 17″ reproductions made by a company called MovieGoods (which I think is currently located somewhere near Las Vegas Nevada). That’s essentially a legal sized piece of paper with a movie poster image on it. MovieGoods will tell you that masterprints are reproductions if you check out their website (moviegoods.com), but it’s not as obvious from their auction listings although at least they list their Masterprints or MPs in the appropriate reproduction movie poster categories at ebaY and they do say so in the description of the auction.

Similarly MovieGoods sells Movie Print Posters or MPPs. These are full poster-sized reproductions (measuring 27″ x 40″ which is the standard size for the most popular style of US poster called a ‘one-sheet’ by movie poster collectors). It is more important that these are listed in the appropriate reproduction movie poster categories at ebaY and note that they are reproductions — this is where movie poster posters would get very upset if these reproductions were listed as authentic posters.

I don’t own any Masterprints or Movie Poster Prints but a long time ago I used to buy authentic things from MovieGoods’s website. I noticed that after the authentic items sold out, MovieGoods would have usually have Masterprints available with the same artwork I had bought. Occasionally they would also have the 27″ x 40″ Movie Poster Prints available (say for a really popular film like ‘Full Metal Jacket’ or ‘Men In Black’). I think what they do at MovieGoods is once they’ve photographed an authentic one sheet they have at least a Masterprint made from their photo. This ensures them a revenue stream for popular images even though they can’t get their hands on enough authentic popular posters. MPs and MPPs are priced cheaper than similar authentic movie posters at the moviegoods.com website, but that’s not saying much (to me a 27″ x 40″ reprint priced at $29.99 without shipping costs included is a pretty expensive reproduction). And their costs on authentic posters are pretty high now (close to $100 for a ‘The Whole Wide World’ one sheet with the famous Bob Howard kissing Novalyne Price artwork — yikes!)

I think MovieGoods is also doing the same thing with authentic publicity stills (i.e. photographing 8″ x 10″ photos or slides or digital images from digital press kits and then printing copies to sell once the original stills sell). The only things that look ‘right’ to me from their website photos are their listings for complete press kits at the moviegoods.com website (i.e. look for things with more than one photo plus some notes and perhaps also a folder of some kind) and some of those prices are pretty high too.

So once again it’s collector be wary — at least MovieGoods is more honest that some sellers out there

PS There’s some UK ebaY seller (ukcanvasart) out there that is doing the ‘masterprint’ reproduction thing but printing poster images on 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of canvas. I guess canvas would be easy to store, would be less likely to wrinkle or tear than paper, but they’re still reproductions and they cost a lot to get shipped to the USA (close to $20!). And the seller has a lot of neutral and negative feedback, many of which are about the quality of their items so I definitely would avoid these items.


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